Safety and Environment protection (HSE)


JSC GSE acknowledges its responsibility to society in relation to the health protection of its personnel and population, preservation of environment and rational use of natural resources.

The Company’s HSE priorities include the provision of safe working conditions, health protection of the Company’s personnel and population which resides in the areas of Company’s working interests, as well as preservation of natural environment.

For this purpose the Company has introduced the Integrated Management System (IMS), which is successfully functioning and constantly being improved.

The IMS is structured in full compliance with the Russian and international legislations in force, based on the best national and international practices and has been certified for conformity to requirements of the international standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.


The Company deems it necessary to follow the HSE principles liested below when achieving the set goals:

  • Steady improvement of HSE conditions;
  • Constant improvement of industrial and environmental safety on our projects, reduction of negative impact on environment through enhanced process equipment reliability, provision of its safe and accident-free work, as well as through introduction of new innovative technologies, equipment, materials and increase in the level of control’s automation of technological processes;
  • Reduction of man-caused impact on environment from the newly commissioned projects by means of perfection of the quality of pre-project and design documentation and carrying out departmental audits and examinations;
  • Increase in efficiency of production control of adherence to requirements of HSE monitoring on the Company’s projects, based on introduction of modern information technologies, use of the latest analytical equipment, as well as the methods of technical diagnostics;


for this purpose the Company undertook the following obligations:

  • To carry out its HSE activities in accordance with requirements of the international standards;
  • To create efficient HSE procedures, which would provide a base for a continuous identification of and solutions to the most important tasks of industrial and environmental safety;
  • To carry out the entire set of measures available to The Company, aimed at prevention of accidents and mitigation of their consequences:
  • To adhere to all requirements of the international, federal, regional and local legislation, international agreements and regulating activities in the HSE area;
  • To carry out assessments of industrial and environmental risks, development and implementation of measures for their reduction and compensation of losses, stipulated by such risks;
  • To request all contractors, who carry out works in the Company’s interests, to apply the same HSE norms and standards as the ones adopted by the Company;
  • To involve all Company's personnel in the HSE activities, including resource-saving initiative. For this purpose the Company will carry out appropriate incentive measures and improve its employees skills;
  • To inform on a regular basis all parties concerned (public, executive authorities, etc.) of the Company’s HSE activities and initiatives.

Summary of the results of the special assessment of working conditions are published here.